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The purpose of this site is to show people how the different models look like, and also try to help owners with this type of car. Even though Imperial became a own division in 1955 I will include them on this site since the Imperial uses the same basechassis and body.

The 1956 Chrysler was almost brand new this year. The design was almost the same as last year. It grew fins (oops stabilizers…) in the rear with new taillights and the front got a update, together with new sidetrim and doorhandles. It was under the big changes where. It got new improved brakes, new pushbutton Powerflite, 12V electric system, bigger and more powerful engines. Actually there is a lot of parts that wont interchange from the –55, so if you are looking for a partscar for your 1956 Chrysler, stay away from the –55 since the difference is so big even though the cars look almost alike.

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