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   Some shots of the webmaster's car in the movie "The Temptations".  Seen often on VH1
 temps1.jpg (35967 bytes)
Gene Mackrancy, Auto Wrangler (left), checks out the car.
temps2.jpg (33621 bytes)
Setup begins on set.
temps3.jpg (37130 bytes)
More setup

temps4.jpg (34601 bytes)
MAKEUP!  The "streeting" of my car begins.  Note the 1959 Michigan
license plate (plastic reproduction prop).

temps5.jpg (29713 bytes)
The Nixon bumper stickers aren't props.  They've been on there a while.
I'm a raging Republican.
temps6.jpg (35399 bytes)
Covering the grim reaper mural with a "Detroit Diaper Service" sign.
This truck was WAY 1970's custom.  Airbrushed murals, wood paneling,
And thick red shag carpeting everywhere.  To quote the car makeup guy,
"It looks like Elmo exploded in here."
temps7.jpg (28467 bytes)
Dress rehearsal.
temps8.jpg (34799 bytes)
Another dress rehearsal shot.
temps9.jpg (42038 bytes)
There isn't even a comparison.  Longer, lower, wider. Star of the Forward Look.
temps10.jpg (36297 bytes)
Street scene.  Right outside of Hit City USA.  This is from the scene
where they are deciding their name, "The Temptations". This was one of
the scenes where I was driving.  It seems to have been cut.
temps11.jpg (42252 bytes)
A midsummer afternoon's dream.

wreck1.jpg (29338 bytes)
Not from the movie, but after Chryslers at Carlisle.  There was a bad car
wreck where 4 people died.  I played Mr. Paramedic for over 3 hours.  It
wasn't a good night.  There's another shot I have of the car in the middle of
the wreckage, but it's pretty graphic (there's a dead body right next to my
car, and my car has blood and fire/rescue equipment all over it.  Not good.
This picture is a little bit better.

If they'd been wearing seat belts, they all probably would have lived.

PLEASE wear your seatbelt.  If you don't have them in your classic, get
them -- no judge should deduct any points for having them.

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