Re: [Chrysler300] Hemi C and Homestake Pass on I-90
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Re: [Chrysler300] Hemi C and Homestake Pass on I-90

        Why are you making my life difficult!!! I love my C and I'm now
focusing on arranging a purchase of a purple SSR in the next 6
months....I thought that the new C was cool and great for the carrying on
of the Chrysler 300 name and heritage...but now your review is causing me
to rethink the next car purchase plan!!!  I am only allowing myself one
more vehicle in my collection....HMM...I thought I was home safe with the
SSR to round out my collection...but your rave review now has me
hankering to drive the new Hemi C!!! 300'ly,  ROB KERN
On Sat, 24 Apr 2004 08:39:46 -0600 "KELLY PIERCE"
<jkrestor300@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Greetings group!
>     I have know the owner of the Chrysler-Dodge dealership in Butte, 
> Mt. for years, and went to the festivities Thursday after work. 
> After catching up on each others lives he asked if I had driven the 
> Hemi C- I said no but would like to- so he said- "I want you to take 
> it out and run it to the limits- push it hard and tell me what you 
> think. I know you have driven police package cars, most of 
> Chrysler's muscle cars and own 300's, so run it and tell me what you 
> think". OH WOW! I took it to the I-90 on ramp heading east at the 
> foot of Homestake pass- the Continental Divide- and hit 90 less then 
> half way down the on ramp- and as soon as I hit the area where the 
> "Jersey Barrier" starts I pushed it to 120mph- and held it there all 
> the way to the top of the pass- thru many S curves and up 6% grade- 
> not a tire noise, no body lean- like I was on rails- My M is not 
> near as sure at over 90 on the same stretch, let alone the K's. Then 
> at the top of the pass we (Kelly and I- no salesman) turned it 
> around and back down again at 120 and to the 127 "limit" the 
> computer is set at, and was having a absolute rush- especially when 
> I passed another M at 120- good thing the MHP guys weren't out!
>    After you get past the looks and the "C" name- this car is a 
> absolute blast to drive, handles unbelievably well, turns heads, and 
> a HEMI to boot- My opinion is it is deserving of being a letter car- 
> not limited in numbers like our originals, but for today a true 
> "muscle car" that little on the road could stay with, fewer could 
> outhandle. 
>   My nickels worth- if you get a chance to drive one- you'll have a 
> blast.   
>   Joe Pierce 300Kx3+M+others  Whitehall, Mt- on the I-90 
> "Montanabahn"
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