[Chrysler300] Hiddin VIN's
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[Chrysler300] Hiddin VIN's

Does anyone know when the practice of hidden VIN's began?  And, if used in
1955, where these numbers might be found?  
I recall this used to be a big secret used by law enforcement to track and
recovered stolen and chopped cars but believe it may not have begun until
the '60's.

Rich Barber
Brentwood, CA
1955 C-300 3N551198

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Many cars have I.D.numbers stamped in hidden places.  Sometimes on the 
radiator support,  under weather strips   behind accessories ,  on 
brackets and also on hidden places on there frames.    Gary Barker 

john_nowosacki@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Wow, I didn't know unibody cars had a stamping.  Why a separate piece of
metal spot welded to a piece of metal that already was stamped?
>Where is this stamp usually located?  I'd like to try and find it on my
>If it is down low, like underneath a door sill plate or something like
that, then for the purposes of our discussion it is long-gone due to the
rust that is the whole reason for wanting to re-body in the first place.
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>I am enjoying this discussion with an open mind!
>May I go one step further for my own satisfaction...
>Let's remember that the replacement unibody "cabin" (as it has been
referrred to) also has its  own stamped identifying numbers that correspond
to the data plate/microfilm. Are we then talking about cutting out those
numbers as well and welding them into the "new" body? If you don't, then you
will have a finished car that sports two different sets of identifying
>What about the case of the 300 C frame now? The owner saved the VIN tag but
appearantly did not save the unibody stamped numbers. Such as then, there
can NEVER BE a totally matching number body on that 300C frame.
>Sorry to add to the flames but I really would like get to the bottom of
this once and for all... although I believe in the past that Gil Cunningham
eloquently and correctly put the matter to bed.
>Jeff Miklas

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