RE: [Chrysler300] Carter Carb 300K Problems
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RE: [Chrysler300] Carter Carb 300K Problems


If I had to guess, and based on past experience, I’d say your fuel pump push rod is worn, and can’t push the fuel pump arm enough to feed ample gas to the carb. Ask me how I know this.


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Hi, I have a new to me 1964 300K with the single Carter 3614S 4 barrel carb.  The carb is starving for fuel when I kick in the secondary.  I just had the fuel system checked out and there are no kinks, fuel filter is new, fuel pump has good pressure and had the carb rebuilt with a new kit and the carb tests fine.  The secondary kicks in but the car surges as it starves for fuel.  Under brisk but normal acceleration the engine runs fine.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!  Thanks  Mark

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