RE: [Chrysler300] Axle ratios.
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RE: [Chrysler300] Axle ratios.

A possible combination for a 6.17 axle would be:  (37/6)=6.1666  One could use a Chrysler 300 so equipped to pull stumps during the week to help pay for av. gas.  That axle and 28.1” OD tires would require 4,426 RPM (+ converter/clutch slippage) @ 60 MPH. 


More fun with numbers:  In a 1/8 mile drag race, 28.1” OD tires driven by that 6.17 axle would make only about 90 revolutions and the tailshaft only about 554 revolutions.


Remember that transmission output torque is multiplied by the axle ratio making for smoky burnouts, snapped axles and (sometimes) shredded differentials! 


There is an error to correct on one of my recent submissions.  Thanks, Mike!


As written:

2.93:  44/15 or 41/14=2.9393 or 2.9286



2.93:  44/15 or 41/14=2.9333 or 2.9286


Another responder has confirmed that a 531 option code on the IBM build card for 1964 is for a 2.76 axle while a 532 code indicates a 3.23 axle was installed at the factory.  Thanks, Tim!  These codes define the axle ratio with or without Sure-Grip. 


The 522 code is confirmed as indicating a Sure-Grip was originally installed.  Good to know our ram Konv has the standard 3.23 axle with Sure-Grip.  That combination would require 5,216 RPM of the tailshaft for 135 MPH.  But, the furshlugginer speedometer only goes to 120 MPH.  Looks like the needle could continue into the buried position but I plan to be busy driving at that point.


Keep calm and 300 on.


Rich Barber

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> Wow!!! 6.17?!?! What on earth would the purpose of those be in an
> automobile? I've seen drag cars with 5.13 gears, but I would think one
> would run out of RPMs with gears shorter than that, even on the drag strip.

> Mike

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> Why is nobody talking about the rare 6:17 gears?

Some places, only a 1/8th mile drag strip track length.

Paul Holmgren
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