[Chrysler300] 300C Brakes
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[Chrysler300] 300C Brakes

Hi all:
I had an opposite effect in the early 90's with my 1966 300 vert.  I was travelling through Oregon with my parents to a car show north of Seattle.  Somewhere in southern Oregon, I decided to adjust the push rod in the master cylinder to get better braking.  As I recall, I lengthened the rod by turning out the end.  All went well until I was crossing the bridge at Portland.  I was going about 50 mph in moderate traffic when I had to hit the brakes.  Guess what?  No brakes!!!  Thank goodness for emergency brakes.  Got off the freeway on the other side and readjusted the rod back to where it was before.  Shazzam!!  Good brakes again.  Somehow, I had adjusted the rod so that the brake fluid would back up into the reservoir and not return to the lines from the M/C to the wheel cylinders.  The fluid level in the M/C returned to it's normal level after I readjusted the push rod.
Dan Reitz
1966 300 vert
1956 Dodge Custom Royal
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Hi Oddvin,
I had the same problem when rebuilding the drum brakes on my H.
The problem was the amount of free play between the power brake push rod and the master cylinder.
Several tries at slightly increasing the free play solved the problem.
Doug Warrener

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I have replaced the mastercylinder, and serviced the wheelcylinders on my 300C. And I have adjusted the brakes according to the sevice manual.
It seems like there are still pressure present in the system after the brakes are released. The brakes are dragging.
I forgot to check the free play between the push rod, and mastercylinder. I hope the pedal free play adjustment will do the trick. Otherwise I’m out of good ideas.
I will try this on friday night, and I’m hoping to use the car on saturday at the end of season cruisin’.
Any ideas?
300C in Norway


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