[Chrysler300] Does this 300F belong to a Club member?
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[Chrysler300] Does this 300F belong to a Club member?

Mystery solved.


The car was mine. I changed the wheels from 14" to 15" on the F coupe I restored six or eight years ago. The easiest solution to have the hub caps appear as close to original was to put the "cog" on the 15" disk brake hub cap. I sold the car to Tom ?? in New York and he sold it to Vic ?? in Arizona, I believe. Vic had a connection to some Hollywood types and the car ended up on Rizzoi & Isles. I saw it on its' first run and saved it on my DVR but eventually the DVR failed and I lost it. Good to see another copy.


I drove that car in Carlisle around 2007 or 2008; I have a picture of the day I sold it as they were loading it on the transport.


Tom Cox



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The wheel cover states "DISC BRAKE" so my guess is that it came from a later '60's example.  The "F" cog has been attached.  Also, looks to be 15" and a 300F was 14".


John Lazenby



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That disc brake wheel cover at the 1:00 min. mark in the first video is not from a 300F.  Probably a 300G.  Producer goof??


Dan Reiz



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Former Club member Eric Sorensen was curious if the 300F shown in this Rizzoli & Isles episode belonged to a Club member.

Eric said the episode was from 2010.


Carlton Schroeder (nights are getting frosty here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin)







Posted by: "Tom Cox" <tdcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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