Re: [Chrysler300] 1961 Hood Hinges - wear or adjustment?
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Re: [Chrysler300] 1961 Hood Hinges - wear or adjustment?

More that a few years Mark - we lost John over 7 years ago.
Pete Fitch

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A few years ago, John Hertog told me the secret to lowering the corners of the hood. It’s counter-intuitive.


You raise the hood and loosen the front horizontal bolt that holds the hinge to the inner fender. With the help of a friend, gently push UP on the leading edge of the hood. The front of the hood hinge should rock upward. While the hood is pushed up, tighten the bolt. Close the hood, and the rear corner should drop into place, level with the fender. You may also have to loosen the other bolts slightly to accomplish this, but generally, only the front bolt needs to be loosened. Be sure all bolts are tightened while the hood is pushed up.


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One side of my hood sticks up on my G when I close it. I can press it down, but after a few miles down the road it pops back up. Should I lower the hinge or is it time to send them out for a rebuild?


Thanks in advance.


Mark Knutsen

300 G


Posted by: Peter Fitch <pffkllc@xxxxxxx>

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