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RE: [Chrysler300] C300 Vapor lock

Thanks to all for your feedback and comments. We had a fantastic time
completing the first segment of Route 66.  Almost 1,400 miles with only one
bump in the road.

Now that we are home I can respond with the details on a full size keyboard.

A little background – I have owned this car for over 48 years and have now
logged over 95,000 miles in it. I have driven it from Mexico to northern
Nevada to South Dakota to Texas to Arizona including summer trips. I seldom
had trouble with vapor lock on any trips except in the most extreme
conditions and none lately mostly because my wife refuses to go on trips
with me when it over 90 degrees.

Here are some germane facts about the car as we continue to discuss the

1.	The engine and trans were rebuilt at about 90,000 miles by my Mopar
trained Master Tech father.
2.	The car now has 121,360 miles
3.	The fuel pump is about 9 years old
4.	I have always suspected the temp gauge reads low. It stays on the
bottom of the range on normal days and doesn’t even get to the middle in
July parades.
5.	The heat riser is free and functioning 
6.	The last trip we got between 12 and 15 MPG

We had zero problems until near Normal. IL we were forced to fill up with
the first corn gas. Ten minutes later the car sputtered and stumbled a few
times after stopping for supplies and stoplights but kept running after we
got it rolling on the open road. Then near St Louis we were once again
forced to gas up with corn gas. Leaving the gas station 10 minutes later it
took great care to get it back up to speed during the sputtering and
stumbling worse than before. After 5 minutes on the open road it was fine. 

Then in downtown St Louis attempting to get to Arch through unbelievably
rough cobblestone paving and almost total blockage due to construction for
15 minutes, it died – for the first time in 15+ years. We let it set pointed
steeply uphill out of the Mississippi valley for about 10 minutes (what
choice did we have) then it restarted and ran for ½ block, now back up on
level and smooth asphalt right in front of the casino it died again. No
cranking or pumping would help. It just kept pumping out that hot, empty
smell of no fuel (neither burnt fuel or raw fuel). The car had been running
most of the previous 7 hours so we sat there for about 45 minutes with the
hood open for it to cool off. We got to meet some very nice people, some of
which knew nothing about the 300’s in spite of them wearing NASCAR caps.

One guy in particular was a true car guy, hot rodder and drag racer. He
agreed with the vapor lock diagnosis and hung around to chat the whole time.
After I felt the car was cool enough to retry we took off the air cleaner to
see if there was any accelerator pump action - none. After much cranking,
still nothing. He then held both his hands over both carbs to while I
cranked and it started after about 5 seconds of cranking. It idled fine, ran
fine and I drove a few blocks to a hotel parking lot for the night.

The next morning it ran fine for the 2+ hours of stop and go on the two-lane
remnants of route 66. Then as afternoon and 80 degree temps came back, it
started stumbling a little but nursing the pedal it did not die. We got real
gas late in the afternoon and only had one other minor stumble the next
afternoon after the car sat hot for 10 minutes while we took photos.

I am convinced it is vapor lock, perhaps exasperated by a weak fuel pump. I
plan on testing the lines for air leaks (this happened on my dad’s ’57) and
installing the helper pump along with new filter.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued comments.



From: Ray Jones [mailto:1970hurst@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 3:07 PM
To: Jack Boyle
Cc: Rich Barber; Listsaver 300 Club; Ray Jones
Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] C300 Vapor lock

If wanting an electric pump, contact John Lazenby. He has just what you need
and gives a good discount to 300 Club Members.
You can mount a switch under the dash and use it just for starting. Run the
pump until it stops and switch off. The carb is full and now will start.
Or you can run it full time if needed, check with others before doing that.

On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Jack Boyle jackcboyle@xxxxxxxxx
[Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Update.  We left St. Louis in the cool of the morning  and drove in city
traffic 1 hour in 60 degrees no problem.  Made it to Rolla for good gas now
headed to Springfield. Having a ball

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On Oct 20, 2015, at 11:12 PM, Rich Barber <c300@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Our C-300 only had problems starting before putting in the electric pump
back by the tank.  Never a problem with vapor lock while running, even
though it got hot idling in parades and traffic.  It seemed to run fine on
corn gas if it could be started.  
Later, and after much engine-system element replacing and checking, a major
impediment to operation was found to be a worn and frayed (small) wire
between coil and distributor.  It never died, just lost power at higher RPM.
Recently, someone reported a faulty coil that crapped out at high
temperature.  Condensers can also go bad, even though they seldom do.  The
little wire between the point sets inside the distributor can be difficult
to properly tighten and provide intermittent aggravation including FORD.
Best wishes for a safe and reliable journey.
Rich Barber
1801 Redwine Terrace
Brentwood, CA 94513-6000
Home: (925) 513-6583 <tel:%28925%29%20513-6583> 
Cell:  (925) 783-4893 <tel:%28925%29%20783-4893> 
e-mail:  c300@xxxxxxx
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Subject: [Chrysler300] C300 Vapor lock
Well after a few false emails let's try this Again
We left KC on Thursday for Route 66 mile #1 in Chicago. Until yesterday we
had zero problems with anything. Now on Tuesday we were left no option but
corn gas. We are on our second tank and numerous vapor locks and it was only
75 degrees here today but we had been on the road 6 hours when it got very
bad. Finally quit dead a block from the St. Louis arch. The next realgas is
in Rolla MO. Heading out in the am fingers crossed. I guess an electric
pusher pump when we get home to KC hopefully Friday.  ...jack
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Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?

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Posted by: "Jack Boyle" <jackcboyle@xxxxxxxxx>

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