RE: [Chrysler300] Sudden drive train lock-up
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RE: [Chrysler300] Sudden drive train lock-up

Hi diff cover on 83/4, pumpkin has to come out to see anything. If it really was locking solidly internally,  pumpkin ought to come out, ----if some other , external reason cannot be ascertained? If a mechanical jam, loose parts in there it really is solid “clunk” felling as opposed to brakes etc .


If thrust pin,  and it fell out , you can look into axles ends with flashlight after pulling axles and see if pin is there in thrust block or not , pumpkin still in place; new ones can be put in by long stiff wire , leaving old one in bottom of pumpkin. (ask me how I know about this!) ; the main mark of missing thrust pun is you cannot set the .013 wheel bearing clearance -----even with no shims it is still more.


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You've been a busy guy. If it were me, my next step would be to remove the diff cover and do a visual on the gears, ring, spider, pinion, etc. if you haven't already done this. Feel around the bottom to see if there's any teeth or other foreign material floating around there, and check the oil for metal chips. Check that pin for drifting, and look for any missing or bent teeth on all the gears. If you pull the axles, look down the tubes and check for anything in there that shouldn't be there. Doesn't sound like a bearing issue to me. I gotta sit down, I'm getting tired just thinking about this.






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Thanks Mark,

I have done all  these things. Parking brake sets and releases as it should. E brake drum turns as it should and makes no untoward noise. I replaced the cable and shoe last summer and it works very well. I see no reason to disassemble further to inspect. The brakes all had a major rebuild summer before last, including rebuilding all 8 adjusters and new cylinders everywhere as well as new asbestos shoes.  I also adjusted the brakes after I had the sudden stopping event, and they were pretty well adjusted already, and all the adjusters were adjusting by turning the adjusters in the correct direction, front and rear. No brake drums made any noise when rotated and all would both lock up and release as they should when adjusted. Turning the input shaft to the differential did no t result in any noise, or binding, or grinding. Both rear wheels turned in the same direction for several turns of the input pinion. I see no reason to pull the drums on the taper lock rears yet, so haven’t done it yet, but may. In short, I have done all of these things  yesterday or earlier. Also, the rear axle was for sure where the stop was coming from, not the front.

If the drive shaft was assembled into the car right now, and if the car was on the ground, there is no reason to think it wouldn’t drive normally. 


I am most concerned that I don’t know  what caused it and therefore no reason to believe it won’t happen again. It was suggested that one of the spider gear pins is adrift, and that seems worth investigating more throughly.

Thanks, Mike Moore




On Nov 2, 2015, at 7:26 AM, Mark Souders <mrs954@xxxxxxx> wrote:


I agree, Mike. Check the easy stuff first, like the parking brake. Then the brake shoes, even up front.  You stated that when the wheels are off the ground, you can spin them continuously. When doing that, your driveshaft is probably not spinning, and the opposite wheel may be spinning also. Manually spin the driveshaft to drive the wheels, to see if it binds up. You may be able to "see" or "feel" where the resistance is by watching the reaction of the wheels and u-joint. Also listen for any unusual noises, like grinding, rubbing, squeaking, etc.






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Too much guess work, Mike.  Be more thorough in your diagnostics before taking things apart.  You're working waaaay too hard!

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Also, I am going to check in my factory shop manual, but I am considering pulling out the center section only and leaving everything else in the car. 

I had the tapered hubs off last year, and I have the tools to pull those properly. Do you know how the axles are locked in? I am assuming I must pull both axles to get the center section out.


Thanks Mike Moore



On Nov 2, 2015, at 6:12 AM, David Schwandt <

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Quite a bit!!

More than you would want to try and load by your (my) self anyway!!


Good luck and keep us posted , Okay??


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No David, I have not. I am going to talk to a local machine shop which specializes in drive train work. I may remove the entire rear end and haul it down there, as the u joints don’t  seem that bad. 

(Do you know how much an entire rear axle, drums etc weighs? I am guessing at least 200#.)


Thanks, Mike Moore



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On Nov 2, 2015, at 5:45 AM, David Schwandt <

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Have you had either one of the axles out recently?


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Not really sure how your rear is assembled, but it sounds like the center pin has come loose in you spider gears and is hitting after one revolution of the tires/pinion. Go forward and it comes around and hits again.



On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 10:26 PM, Michael Moore

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 When I backed it up, after approx 3 ft the drive locked up sharply, as though I had hit something. But I hadn’t,  and all 4 wheels were clear. It did the same thing going forward-locking up after just a few feet.I did this several times and the distances prior to lockup seemed the same.

I was able to give it a lot of gas and slowly it would move, but something was straining.


This afternoon, after completing new starter motor installation, I dropped the driveshaft to have a suspect rear U-joint replaced tomorrow, but I see nothing which looked like it was hitting.

On jack stands under the axle, I also am able to rotate both rear wheels in either direction continuously without a lock up. My next step is to remove both rear drums and ensure there are no  broken  brake springs, but if I don’t see anything there, I have no idea where to look next. There are no unusual noises when I rotate the wheels.

Any suggestions?


Thanks, MIke Moore



Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?





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