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RE: [Chrysler300] Platinum 1955 C-300

Interesting observation,  John. We in our club have a hard job in a way..people who correctly say “it is not original battery acid” vs a better battery. Or brakes say. I get this on some of my cars; one answer is “well I do have the wrong rear view mirror, this one is bigger,  now I can see out-- therefore I guess I force the car value to drop 50k?” I have seen “numbers matching” wrecks that someone inherits who never touched a bolt on a car , has personally 20 minutes in the car total, be very vehement about originality, vs someone who rebuilt it down to the nuts on the brake lines with his own hands, ----and then someone does not like the color or bend of the brake lines .


Maybe it is sort a passive aggressive thing with humans—trying to lower the perceived value of what one really wants, or would not mind having? Or maybe it really is trying to keep it exactly 1955.


I would personally much rather have the second car, the one with new incorrect brake lines. . But recent craziness about barn finds has fed the other  way. The only reason I swing into this, is I remember the absolute best 300F convert I ever saw, would support pictures like this beautiful c300, and I have seen a lot of those 300F converts (owned 9 at one point) , it was a light beige colored one 20-25+ years ago, spotless , white top I think . The guy had stiff white paper on the floor all the time, to protect floor pad from scratches, although he drove it to meets. Car was 110 points, on that scale. It was perfect. He was a really good guy. I tried to buy the car several times, just missed it, I understand a Chrysler dealer bought it. But he was vilified at early meets by some,  over the beige color . The paint on it was far better than that on any cars of those complaining. The car was flat out far better. The best one there. The guy got really really emotionally upset, stopped coming to meets. Would not enter judging. That is not good.


I am not taking any positions, beyond kind of categorically stating, that, to me,   having original chalk marks at just the right angle is maybe not as important in the real world, as having a beautiful looking, good useable safe car….maybe even in the color you like.. But, maybe different if you are into $ appreciation only, or something wrapped in Saran wrap “look but do not touch”—let alone drive. . My .02. Not a strong feeling, at all, and most definitely not trying to be controversial….I appreciate how hard it is to have a period correct car. …. just an observation , after a few years on the clock, about inner peace. . The point after all is it is a drive it, hopefully.


We all can do whatever we like, obviously. And appreciate the other guy has his own values. And for any direction a seller has chosen with his car, someone likes it. That beige F was worth more to me than any original car due to its condition.


Sometimes I really wish for 1970, when an F was a 500$ used car, a few dents,  you drove it around., peel out, sew a patch on the roof hole, add some oil even if spilled, a few drips off the torqueflight.. .  . Now fear of calamity keeps it kind of in a glass dome. Such is life….


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After reading the statement on e-bay and viewing the photos I can note several things that are not correct on this example.  The photos are nice.


John Lazenby



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Some beautiful photography of a beautiful Platinum 1955 C-300 on e-Bay at:  or           


Rich Barber

Brentwood CA



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