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Re: [Chrysler300] Jumping Speedo Needle

Gary is right about the felt wick, however, I use a different method to lubricating the cable.  On my F, the lube cap is on the lower side of the housing.  It is tricky getting the lube cap out but by loosening it with a very small screwdriver or pair of pliers and then taking a drinking straw and pushing it over the cap, it comes out quite easily.  Otherwise, the cap may fall out and get lost in the cosmos.  The first time I did it, it took me over half an hour to find my cap!  Then, I take a hypodermic syringe with a bit of synthetic oil in it and inject a small amount up through the felt wick.  This lubricates the speedo mechanism and leaves a supply in the wick for future lubing.  Replace the cap in the reverse sequence as you removed it.
Good luck.
Dan Reitz
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Josh, there is a product called Chain Life (also for cables), brand name, Champions Choice. It is a foaming lube (aerosol), that clings under sever pressures. Internet search brings up several brands. I suspect private label packaging by Champions Choice. Some are called chain/cable lube. Everyone should have a can on the shelf.
Another point about speedo lubing. On the back of speedo where cable attaches, there is a small lube cap that is knurled to grip and unscrew. You have to grip with pliers to get it unscrewed.  It is vertical and hard to get at (get a light and crawl in), with speedo in dash. inside that small cylindrical cap there is a felt wick that dried out years ago.  It is essential to remove the wick and soak in light oil (10 w, 3 in One, etc.), and a couple of drops in the opening where wick was removed. This lubes the shaft going into the mechanism. A must do.
AKA, The Parts Doc
Sent: Saturday, November 07, 2015 7:06 AM
Subject: [Chrysler300] Jumping Speedo Needle

Hello guys,

My 300D speedometer needle is starting to jerk around just a little.

I'm guessing something needs lube? Can you guys offer any suggestions?




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