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RE: [Chrysler300] 300 F mirror

The 1960 Chrysler parts manual lists only one part number for a remote control rear view mirror for all car lines all mirrors should have the same length cables? Must be your routing??
The cables are not easy to install at the knob end ...I use a pair of pliers to pull back the cable housings over to their resting place at the back of the knob assembly after installing the cable lead end on the round pivoting thing ...have to be careful not to damage the housing with the pliers...others may have other tricks...The cables have to be installed (in their proper Red, green or yellow spot) before you route the knob assembly thru the dash and screw the bezel to it...

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I am reassembling my F, and everyday there is a new suprise. Had bought a good used correct mirror, mounted it, but when  tried to assemble the chrome bezel on the dash, the cable were short. I tried to find an alternate route, but it was a couple of inches too short. Any idea on what is happening? Is there a difference between long and short wheelbase cars, or depends on the year.
Thank you


Posted by: Jean-Yves Chouinard <jymopar@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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