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Last year up in New England we had an early snow around Thanksgiving, and I was bummed that the cars would be away so long.  As it turned out, we didn't get another snow until it all got crazy in February.  As a result, that first snow/salt/sand got washed away by the end of the month of November, and I was enjoying my old cars in the very cold days of December and January.  It was great to go for a ride on New Year's Day.  Big V8 engines provide plenty of heat.  I see no need/sense in soaking the undercarriage in salt and sand to prove a point.  Cold and dry is fine, but salty and sandy is something I hope my cars never see.

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Good way to start major rust iasues

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I think it is great that they are driving these great automobiles in winter conditions, as opposed to gently polishing them with a microfiber cloth.  Our cars are meant for the road, as in this context the differentiation (good and bad) from today’s cars is plain to see.   Well done, ACM, and thanks Ray for sharing the article.


Hugh Baldus

The Baldus Company



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This would be enjoied by all on the list, can you get it thru?



Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


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