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Re: [Chrysler300] Battery Tray Color

John, I can only speak with expertise regarding 1963, but the J and the non-ram sport 300s, as well as other Chryslers and Imperials were the same.  I mentioned the primer is my last post – under battery tray; behind tray mount.  Re. the question on the fasteners- yes the fasteners that attached the tray to the inner fender and radiator core support were painted body color when the front clip got sprayed as an assembly.  The bracket that goes from the battery tray to the upper control arm is painted semi-gloss black and the fasteners for that bracket are natural.  The battery tray is the same in ‘63 for both Chrysler and Imperial but the aforementioned bracket is positioned differently.  On the J, that bracket abuts the headers or may even be missing- no clearance.   How’s that for a crazy level of detail?   Yes- disturbed factory undercoating on inner fender tray fasteners would indicate either removal and/or replacement of the factory tray at some point.
Carl B.

For sure they would not ever have inventoried various color battery trays, and for sure when it was made, as a loose part,  it was probably primed or painted..maybe black. It was probably on the car when the whole body was painted at times, or not? And non black ones might still be painted-- underneath the body color,-- black? Do we know? Might relate to the special ram car inner fender access parts, inner fender  too. Maybe the battery tray was put onto them, special step , as car would be built possibly with non 300 inner fenders, or none? then 300 ram car inner fender body part painted with tray? Or some separate step thing? 300 ram cars have to be almost one off , or grouped, compared to thousands and thousands of non ram bodies. Battery tray attaches to special inner fender, a real complication on the assembly line? And a replacement tray from MOPAR would almost be for sure black. A restored car or even an unrestored car might have had a corroded battery tray replaced?? the early 12v batteries of 60’s had caps that spewed acid at times, ( any overcharge) many trays were hurt badly, holes under battery . A guy with a 300 might just change it in 1965 as part of caring for the car he liked. Then it is black. This needs to be thought through. Probably no one 100% right  answer is available, and might vary by year too. Or by Ram or not . Fasteners same color as body??, paint under/behind tray mount is???  Disturbed undercoating indicating replacement of tray?

Black is OK with me! (just an .02) .

I assume Jerry’s cars are all non ram 62; battery tray same color as car makes sense , one time in the spray booth, standard Chrysler process.

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Perhaps this is a “White” issue. My Carmel “H” battery tray is the same color as the engine compartment. I have had no less than 5 Red  sport  300’s and one red “H” and all of them had RED battery trays. I have a light green and that also has a light green battery tray.

My mind floats back to Mike Meyer’s 62 White Convertible. That was judged in concurs, what color was that?

Jerry Lindsay

Seminole Fl.

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Same on my G: black battery tray with white exterior.

Bruce Paul

Cherry Hill, NJ

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er-make that “semi-flat BLACK”


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My 62 is also all white with a semi-flat battery tray. I am the second owner (bought 1964).

Mike Moore


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Sorry to pour water on the subject but the battery tray in my F is black whereas the engine bay is Alaskan White.

Dan Reitz

Bell Canyon, CA

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The battery tray in my mostly original 62 Sport is the same color as the engine bay.

Joe Williams


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Hey Dougerrrrrrr;

I am 99% sure it is the same as the engine bay.

That is how I have always done it and have yet

to hear it was wrong.



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Hi Group,

Replacing the battery in my 62 Sport and will clean and repaint the battery tray.

Question: Should the battery tray be the same color as the engine bay or black?

Doug Warrener


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