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Re: [Chrysler300] Area 51

Read a book back in the summer about area 51 and some of the goings on. Very interesting. Can't remember the title. Everyone sworn to secrecy, so even though lots of time past, Tony probably still has secrets. Sounds way more interesting than my career in finance! We will have to get a few drinks into him at the next meet! Keith u r in charge.

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So, Tony, what was BS? Just the top speed claimed, or the missile on his tail too?


On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 4:38 PM, Tony Bevacqua <tonysru2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And this is true because of the variations of wind, temp., and altitude, etc., but a helluva lot closer than the 2700 claimed.


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Speed Record may NOT be top speed

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Scooped by Wikipedia! The official SR-71 record was set in 1976 at 2193 mph, or 36.55 miles a minute, or 1.64 seconds per mile.


So - the SR-71 was a tad quicker than a 300 SRT.


Keith Boonstra



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Hi all:


I have had the pleasure of knowing 2 "space" travelers in my lifetime.  First, Joe Walker, who was an X-15 test pilot who unfortunately died when his chase plane collided with the XB-70 Valkyrie delta wing bomber over the Antelope Valley in 1967.


Secondly, I first met Tony Bevacqua at a 300 Meet in Phoenix many years ago.  We shared a room for the Meet and I cannot think of a better experience I had than chatting with him about his exploits in U-2's and SR-71's.  Hopefully, for their enjoyment, Tony will someday give the Meet attendees an overview of his exciting career.  He never would tell me what the top speed is of the SR-71!!


GO TONY!!!  Thanks for being a good friend.


Dan Reitz

Bell Canyon, CA




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