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Re: [Chrysler300] Garage Rehab / yahoooo

Hi All. 
I make TV shows just like this one being described. I know of the Production Company making it. In fact the company I work at has pitched a similar show to Discovery and other networks. Just so y'all know....they want a business that has been up and running with employees and the business license and insurance and that jazz. Be prepared tomost likely be ridiculed on camera and yelled at. Be prepared to have your daily run business disrupted in a major way for several days.   The good part would be the makeover aspect of the new tools and possibly machinery. 
Just wanted to give the heads up if anyone were seriously going to sign up. Oh....and will have to be located in Los Angeles for the Pilot episode they are seeking to make. 
Matt Allyn
'62 New Yorker Wagon
'62 300 Sport
'62 300 H

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I second the nomination for Rich Barber.
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Ritchie / this is your calling : )

Bill Leahy in Kennewick

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Anybody out there interested???

Discovery Channel seeking star of "Garage Rehab"

Discovery Channel seeking star of
Posted by Kurt Ernst - The (presumably abandoned) Litchfield Garage in Rio, Illinois. Photo by Pete Zarria. Have you ever run a successful auto repair business? Are you good with people? Do you think you have what it takes to be a star on the small screen? Want to add Fast and Loud's Richard Rawlings to your speed dial list? If you answered yes to the above, the Discovery Channel wants to hear from you, as it's currently casting for the star of a new reality series, Garage Rehab.

Sounds like one of our Club Members could run with this

Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


Posted by: Matt Allyn <allynentertainment@xxxxxxxxx>

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