[Chrysler300] 300H power steering
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[Chrysler300] 300H power steering

A couple of months ago, I set out to determine why my engine ran so poorly. Before it was over, for good reasons, it developed into new axles, wheel bearings, rebuilt third member, U-joint, starter and finally, a replacement intake manifold 
gasket. Everything except the intake manifold gasket were “while I’m at it” things which had issues-the axle threads were stripped, Sure-Grip clutch was badly worn, u-joint was bad, starter was a fluke-it quit. (I had just replaced it in 1982~!) 

(I also developed a mysterious locking up which was caused by the throttle linkage to the tranny being misadjusted.)  

I am just now cleaning up a godawful mess, and even with carbs not completely tuned, it runs much much better.  
BUT a totally new problem developed.
 With a rebuilt steering box two years ago, a new pump a couple of years ago and pretty new hoses, the power steering no longer has power. I have tightened the belt, checked the fluid to no avail
While bleeding the brakes on jackstands, I turned the wheel lock to lock a couple of times to get access to bleeders on front. I ran it while ago on the stands again and cycled the steering wheel back and forth a copule of dozen times, but still no power boost. I would appreciate any suggestions. I am about to go look at the shop manual and see what it says. I remeber many  years ago this happened and the Chrysler dealer gave me a bottle of “conditioner” which solved the problem.

Thanks, Mike Moore


Posted by: Michael Moore <mmoore8425@xxxxxxx>

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