Re: [Chrysler300] 300H Fuel pumps
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Re: [Chrysler300] 300H Fuel pumps

Hi Folks,
I've been able to buy brand new pumps for my '55 engines (3 of them) from CarQuest.
They were identical to my originals except for the absence of LOGOs that were on originals.  The new ones had no identification marks.  All 3 have been in use for more than 5 years without any trouble.  From curiosity I took one apart a few months ago just to see if the soft parts were being affected by junky gas.   NO PROBLEMS.  It still looked new inside.  If I recall correctly they were priced at about 40 dollars each.  Surely they would also have them for the newer and more common engines.
Marshall Goodknight   C300 driven daily

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And it can get into engine,  diluting oil. Or worse. Fire .


Split / cracked diaphragm , or shrinks and pulls in from edges ; this from trying to rebuild one. .Inside of old one not pretty.


I think it is a good question though, if current 440 hi performance pumps from JEGS etc are better for us , maybe ; they often have higher flow rates, are designed from ground up for ethanol. Some 392 do not have the option as it hits other stuff if not mechanically exact. But 413 /440 etc probably all interchange..but I do not know that. Rebuilding a pump gets into the golden screwdriver ---and finding golden parts…


Really good question..have wondered same thing…


Had NOS pump, afraid to use it…




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The diaphragm and valve components in the older pumps tend to be soluble in today’s gasoline formulations.  It would be best to find a pump that you can document as being the proper one and have it rebuilt with current materials.  It would be a good time to replace all the “rubber” hoses in the fuel system with current materials—tank to tubing, tubing to pump, tubing to carbs.  Don’t delay—leaking fuel is an invitation to disaster.


Rich Barber


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I have a leaking fuel pump on my 62’ 300 w/413 engine. I see kits to rebuilt them and am asking if that is a good way to go or simply replace the fuel pump all together.


Over the years I have been able to come into contact with several Carter fuel pumps. On my “H” it says model “ 1055”. I have several others that have a different model no:, but appear to be identical.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Would one from Jegs' or Summit be okay?


Jerry Lindsay





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Posted by: "Ron Waters" <ronbo97@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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