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RE: [Chrysler300] The OTHER 300-F 4-speed convertible . . . a can of worms, I...

Without getting too much into this either, ---I may have mentioned before that I bought an F interior in Connecticut hanging up in a big barn. Very early on , pre club probably, maybe 1970 ; from a wrecked F that “hit a big tree at high speed” ; guy pulled the seats because he “liked them”. Not a 300 guy, a young car guy,--- but a  300 in 1970,  was like a 2006 JEEP today, just another used car with “nice seats” . He saved interior , then advertised them , maybe Hemmings, I went and bought the interior, as I had a rough interior, red  F convert I was fixing . .


I asked him where the engine was, looking for the rams(!) (hey 1970, six packs and hemi’s , who wants rams?); he said “whole thing was junked”. I asked where, he “did not know”. Description of accident very vivid, bad news. So guy was not making this up. I think this was in Waterbury / Danbury area. I probably did not know about 4 spd F’s then.


I have asked before, if anyone knows anything about this,  but the console had a rectangular perfectly  trimmed cutout that matched the F ash tray trim details , but no rubber boot, and two die cut “gauge “ type holes near the tach, in console and in metal trim, absolutely not done home hobby shop. Die cut. The seats had aluminum(!)  trim all around the bottom at floor, exactly the same shape as the black plastic we all know, all detail lines etc were there . Mattered little to me at the time ,----it was a set of good F seats.


I still have no idea what this is / was all about…some kind of prototype? but a wrecked 4 speed in Ct , early 70’s is not out of the question.


No claims are made in any direction..just info.


But I do wonder…Someone in club now,  may know something…


Don might have built his own..that is ok too. As long as he says that. If it is “only  a tribute” car, I would still give him , maybe , 900 $ for it?  He might have a bottle of original battery acid to go with it. smile.


Just me…


John g



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Normally I wouldn't get into something like this but here is what I can offer.


IMO my friend Wayne Graefen of Kerrville, Texas  has done more research on the 300 4 Speed cars than anyone.  He also owned for years one of the four "documented" examples existing.  I knew his car well as I was there in the beginning and watched the restoration.  Over the years I've driven the car a few times, stored it for Wayne when he moved from SoCal to Texas and have been in the car at speeds well over 100 mph.  Wayne and the late John Hertog pretty much agreed on facts regarding these cars and both say the Petty convertible is NOT a documented example.  


Don Petty does own a white coupe that I've seen and it is a documented car.  The car that he claims to be a 4 speed convertible has nothing to support that to my knowledge.  Over the years Wayne communicated with Don regarding this and if I recall there was no reply.


There was one 4 speed convertible built and was found years ago by Bruce Cone and Bruce Hoover.  That is the car that Tom Turner owned for years.  It was sold to a Milt Robinson out of the Atlanta area who is/was a large collector.  Milt has since sold the car and it was on the east coast the last I knew.


The Flying Mile Gregg Zigler example which was purchase shortly after it made it's runs at Dayton was owned by Robert Macatee (sp) until his passing.  That car sold to a new owner and has sold at least once again.


Wayne sold his to a Texas Hotel Owner a couple of years ago and that car has since sold again and I believe is now in Wisconsin.  Wayne was involved with the recent sale of this car again.


So there you have it as I remember.  


John Lazenby


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Hi Group:


    For what it may be worth, I saw that car several years ago, along with John Hertog, when we were out at a Chrysler 300 Club, Inc. meet, and it appeared to be pretty much in parts - not refinished parts - just parts.  If he did a total restoration on it, it must have been after we were there.  I know at the time, John had sincere doubts as to the authenticity of the car as an F special.


Pete Fitch 


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I know Val Jeffers just inquired about the Turner 300-F 4 speed convertible, but this is about the other one . . .


I was in Phoenix a few years ago and met Don Petty, close cousin and longtime friend of Richard Petty, and well-known on the Forwardlook List as a dependable vendor of Mopar and other parts.  He has been the owner of a wrecking yard, now a classic car wrecking yard, for many years.  He has dozens of Mopars, including Letter Car convertibles and hardtops.


Don Petty has a 4-speed 300-F convertible he has owned for many years.


What is the background of his car? He makes some convincing claims about the authenticity of his car - the water-cooled exhaust manifolds, the carbs, the Pont-A-Mousson transmission, the special console bezel & shift lever, etc., items that would have taken quite a bit of effort to obtain, even in 1960.  He said he bought the car without the block, but with all the bolt-on parts in the trunk and the transmission and bellhousing in place, and did a complete restoration years ago.  He has no doubt whatsoever that his car is an authentic, factory-built 4-speed car.


I've never seen or heard of this car being discussed anywhere, and Don told me that the re are Mopar people who doubt that his car is authentic.











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