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Re: [Chrysler300] Advice on engine repair

You are getting the shaft. All machining labor including assembly, I have $5,622 in my 392 hemi, (I deducted welding on head). The shop I used builds race engines and highly qualified. His labor price included disassembling the rocker shafts and rebuilding w/ new hard chrome shafts.
That said you need to come out of this whole. You might get a written quote from another reputable shop, that he would know. With that in hand I would use that to negotiate. with him. If he is not cooperative, I would not hesitate to use the “small claims court” approach.
Good luck,
AKA Parts Doc
Hewes Performance,  Labor: mach, assemble, and
weld head w/shipping, $689                                                        3433.34
PAW  Parts,                          2137.25   
Felpro gaskets, rod & crank inserts, ARP rod bolts, oil pump, SS valves, timing chain, Ross pistons, rings,      
PAW - Valve Locks, springs & keepers                  105.90
Egge lifters                          142.00
Isky Cam    $225 + ship                                                                  243.00
Egge piston pin bushings                                       45.00
Hard Chrome rocker shafts w/ shipping                                         175.00
Brass freeze plugs                                                                            30  
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 10:21 AM
Subject: [Chrysler300] Advice on engine repair

I'm afraid I already know the answer here, but I'm going to ask the group for any opinions which might help.

Quite some time ago, we took our motor to a reputed old Mopar engine rebuilding specialist/machine shop for a complete and thorough rebuild. From what we could tell at the time, he had excellent credentials, was reputable, and knew what he was doing. The project was delayed initially when we discovered the engine which came with the car (300F) was not the correct year, but with kind help from Scott Tozzi and Don Verity, we managed to secure a proper, date correct engine. Now, finally, the motor is supposed to be finished, and ready to pick up.

The problem we are having is with the bill (although we don't know how the engine runs yet). We were initially quoted $3500 plus parts for a very thorough rebuild. Unfortunately, we did not get a written estimate per se, but instead he gave us a printed flyer he had which described his process and the price in great detail. It was one and a half full pages, single spaced, VERY detailed, described the whole procedure, and even discussed tolerances, etc.. Basically, it's about all you can do to a normal engine, at least from my knowledge. We didn't want any high performance mods--just a stock, very reliable motor. We did say we were OK with minor modifications to enable running on unleaded gas or to create significant improvements in reliability.

So far, we've given him $4500, and thought we were nearly paid up, but today he said the motor is ready for pickup, and he wants another $5000! We haven't seen the parts bill (I know he put in pistons, and maybe a cam, which we didn't want), but we were floored. The initial discussion started to go south over the phone, so we thought it better to go there in person to deal with it, which we plan to do on Friday. His explanation so far is that the $3500 was a special he was running at the time, but it took a lot longer than what he thought, so this is his bill.

My belief at this point is that we are getting totally ripped off, but I don't see any other choice but to pay his price and get our motor back. I suppose we would have a weak case in small claims court for the overage (I'm guessing about $3500-4000, depending on the parts cost), but otherwise I'm at a loss.

Does anyone have any better ideas than paying the "ransom?"

As an aside, can anyone tell me what a complete rebuild on a 413 from a 300F should cost? I guess if the going rate was about $9K, I wouldn't feel as bad, but that seems awfully high to me for a normal performance motor.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

300F convertible


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