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Re: [Chrysler300] R12 Freon

Twenty or so years ago John Hertog alerted club members to an R12 "clone" that had passed R134 specs but could be used in older R12 systems that worked well for me in a 1991 Audi I had at the time ‎that I didn't want to spend the money on to convert to R134. I bought a case of the stuff and it served me well and caused no issues. Some of you folks may recall the product's manufacturer (I don't but I think it came out of NJ, but the "fog of time" may be clouding my memory!)

Anyway, not sure if this hybrid product is still even available but it worked like a champ. BTW, this was just another one of Hertog's numerous finds/contributions to our club. His direction about making the then-new KYB gas shocks work on our cars were another example (which I used on both my 300F and my 300K back then.)


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134 is fine .. You have to do it right ? Change all the deals rubber that contacts refrigerant . All old Oil out . 
Someplace like vintage air can help I bet . I notice most good shops are in Texas . Has to work there . 

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Val, look on line. I recently found and purchased a 30# bottle. Problem is, your typical carriers will not transport it, considered hazardous. That is if you tell them what it is. I had a truck line transport it. They have permits to carry that stuff. I paid $350 for it $11.66# + $166 transport = $17.20#. Some shops due have old stock R12. I asked one shop how much, he said $80#. There must be better prices out there?
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Subject: [Chrysler300] R12 Freon

Greetings Fellow 300 Owners,
                                 I had my G converted to R134 several years ago and found out over time it will deteriorate the seals. I have an NOS seal kit and am needing a good source of R12 freon.  Any suggestions are appreciated !
  & nbsp;                                                                                Thanks,
                                                                                    Val Jeffers


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