Re: [Chrysler300] Generation and regulation of volts
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Re: [Chrysler300] Generation and regulation of volts

Engine quits------something is wrong   YES!
Engine quits------it's working at least some, could be low output due to bad diode, damaged windings, low voltage from regulator to field------bottom line is it might not be working properly but undetected by crude test.
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Subject: [Chrysler300] Generation and regulation of volts
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If the alternator and regulator in a 1966 300 are working as they should, could you not give it a quick and dirty test by having the engine running at a fast idle, undoing the positive cable from the battery positive post and observing..........engine quits, something is wrong.  Engine keeps running.........alternator and regulator are working.  Is this the way it can be tested?  Ruin any diodes or other do-dads?
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