RE: [Chrysler300] Generation and regulation of volts
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RE: [Chrysler300] Generation and regulation of volts

If you mean connect the two battery cables together, you misunderstood.  That would kill the system as a dead short would bring the system voltage to zero.  Just leave the cables loose after removing the battery, but by securing the positive (on non-ground) cable so that it does not contact a ground surface the engine will continue to run normally as long as its speed does not drop too low.  In the old generator equipped systems that means it is usually necessary to keep it running at above normal idle speed.  With an alternator a normal idle speed us usually adequate unless you have on headlights, air conditioner, cigar lighter, etc. and/or other high demand electrical devices.
--------Marshall Goodknight

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My father told me that one could start a car and once running, quickly remove the battery from the circuit and connect the two leads together and the car would continue to run. Never had the need to try this but this conversation had me wondering.


Mark Knutsen


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You must have a battery in the car and connected with the cables to excite the alternate or it will not put out any current.
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The alternator regulator should maintain alternator output Voltage at about 13.5 +/- ½ Volts whether the battery is there or not.  Most electrical power requirements are served by the alternator, even at low speeds.  The ALTERNATOR gauge on the dash should hover near the mid-point unless power windows, power seats or top motor are in use.  If the battery were there and needing charging, the gauge would indicate some current in the “Câ€? direction as some alternator current is directed to the battery through the ammeter.


If you are checking the system with the battery disconnected, I suggest monitoring the system Voltage.  Actually, this Voltage should also be checked before disconnecting the battery with the engine idling.  The Voltage should be stable in either case.


Most auto parts stores will perform this check with a little more sophisticated instrument for free with no obligation.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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If the alternator and regulator in a 1966 300 are working as they should, could you not give it a quick and dirty test by having the engine running at a fast idle, undoing the positive cable from the battery positive post and observing..........engine quits, something is wrong.  Engine keeps running.........alternator and regulator are working.  Is this the way it can be tested?  Ruin any diodes or other do-dads?


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