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RE: [Chrysler300] Autotrader Classics - 1964 Chrysler 300 - American Classics - New Ulm, MN - 100727793

I purchased a similar black coupe from this dealer for the ram engine in it.  The transaction was fair and amicable and Ted brought the car to Golden for our club meet there.  I trailered it back to the Jett Ranch in CA for a transplant.  The rustbucket took second place in class at Golden (only two entries).  The car was severely corroded from its life in MN but the engine and interior were good, its date code sort of fits our ram K conv, both had a/c and I was able to salvage some interior parts and a RH power seat.  Ram-engined 300K’s with factory a/c are not common, but they do exist in our clubs.  This car appears to be paint code TT—Roman Red—the metallic “Poly” sheen is long gone.  Two ‘64’s for $6,500 is a reasonable deal but you’ll still need a ram engine.  That’s what I ran up against and had to buy the whole car for the proper engine.  Can’t tell for sure that this is/was a ram car.  The posted VIN makes no sense and the interior photo does not show the portion of the instrument panel where a manual choke knob should appear.  Condition of the plated pot metal inside and out as well as the bumpers would be important considerations.  The Parts Manual indicates all ’64 Chryslers with 413 engines and a/c have the same radiator.  New Mexico is a good place for a car (and people) to live to a ripe old age.


The RF quarter and RH door indicate the car may have been smacked hard enough to cause frame damage.  The LH door to front fender gap also looks excessive.


Bottom line:

Decent J&K ram coupes and even ram K convertibles come up from time to time for not-so-much money.  If one has space, time, tools and expertise—and can find a suitable engine--one could possibly come up with a nice red ram Koupe and not be too far under water.  The red exterior and red vinyl interior and dash would make it a pretty high-profile car.  And, a very high-performance automobile—one of the fastest letter cars, even though you’d never know it as Mother MoPar and Uncle Sugar decided to swap out the 150 MPH speedometer for a 120 MPH unit.  Doesn’t mean it won’t do an honest 130—maybe more—maybe much more.



Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA (May hit 90+ this week)


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Was this a pretty rare 300 K if what the seller says is true?


Autotrader Classics - 1964 Chrysler 300 - American Classics - New Ulm, MN - 100727793

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Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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