RE: [Chrysler300] Electrical ammeter question
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RE: [Chrysler300] Electrical ammeter question


You may not have to make any changes if you are leaving the inoperative Ammeter in place as the current will flow back and forth safely through the meter—just will not actuate the needle (unless your Ammeter got totally melted down and destroyed).  If you have removed the Ammeter and replaced it with a Voltmeter, it is OK to connect the red and black wires.  I think each will have a ring terminal which you can connect with a tiny brass bolt.  Then protect that joint with tape or (better) heat-shrink tubing.  In my experience, even the best electrical tape deteriorates with time due to heat and age so be sure to protect that joint.  An even better connection would be to remove the ring terminals, twist the ends together and solder them before sliding the heat shrink tubing over them.  Certainly difficult up and behind the dash.


The Ammeter or this new connection essentially connect the alternator output (BATT.) to the + terminal of the battery with most of the accessory and other standard and optional electrical load being pulled off the (black) alternator feed wire before it gets to the ammeter.  The Ammeter then only shows the current flowing to (Charge) and from (Discharge) the battery.   Monitoring the system with a Voltmeter that provides a properly-damped needle or digital signal will tell you most of what you need to know about the health of your alternator/alternator regulator/battery system.


Best wishes,


Rich Barber

Brentwoode, CA


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I believe there are some in the Group that can shed some light on this issue.

My 300 is fine, this is a 74 Dodge that I replaced the dash panel and gauges.


The ammeter gauge is out, a voltmeter gauge is now in place.  This does not  wire to the heavy red and black wires, that were connected on rear posts of ammeter.


My inquiry to the supplier was answered with " connect those two wires together, tape them thoroughly.  Connect the voltmeter per Manufacturers instructions.


I have not connected the rand black, there is no battery in vehicle yet.

Is the supplier correct, that it is safe to connect them together?

They were connected to an internally shunted meter, OEM.


Keeping my fingers crossed,


Dave in windy VA.


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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