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RE: [Chrysler300] Hello,Ya'll

Advising/reminding all readers of this most excellent website that has parts and service manuals for all letter cars.  The luminescent lighting system is best described on pages 61-79 of the

1960 Service Manual:     


Dual-member and my good friend John Holst has scanned and posted all pages plus a goodly amount of technical references at:         Click on Chrysler 300 resources for a listing after surfing other sections of his site.   Don’t leave home without it.  And, before you start, review these simple rules—especially the first commandment:


Thanks, again, John!


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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60 factory Service manual would REALLY help him,!! He cannot fix this by duffing around.. you NEED  the manual to troubleshoot it. Several pages on it. A short in any one gauge kills all the lights., by grounding out the 300v.or the power pack can big capacitor inside shorts out.,


You have the pack,  if you ever had EL  lights ; under dash upper left , kick panel area , I think , about 3” rectangle or cube  looks like a tiny car radio , a transistor on top, two wires I think orange and white come out to a plug. .. saw one attached to sheet metal that holds the brake pedal. 250 -300 VAC comes out. Does he know that? He will,  if he duffs around with it. Trans PB has a regular bulb in it ..does that go on? On same circuit as feed to power pack, helps trouble shooting.. Beyong fuse, dimmer resistor on headlight switch can go .


no need to take all that apart, unless pulling dash to get at a shorted gauge?


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My dash lights quit on me. They were working, and then not. The electrician says the car doesn't have the power pack. I don't think the lights will work with out it. What say you?


Do'es anyone have a picture of the power pack, in or out of the car. 1961 G.

The electrician has taken the steering wheel off, dome, push buttons for the trans; as well as, the drivers kick panel but is still unable to locate the power pack. 


Any assistance in this issue will be greatly greatly appreciated.


Peace Out,



Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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