RE: [Chrysler300] Setting the parking brake . 64 300
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RE: [Chrysler300] Setting the parking brake . 64 300

Doesn't your 64 have a parking pawl?

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Subject: RE: [Chrysler300] Setting the parking brake . 64 300


I thought mf F was the only 300 that ever done that!!

That’s why I carry a good supply of chock blocks on the floor of the back seat!!

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Subject: [Chrysler300] Setting the parking brake . 64 300

What an experience to have the parking brake pop off, and seeing your car rolling out of your driveway approaching the street!

I usually chock the rear wheels when the K is out of it's cave, and idling.

This one time, my neighbor asked me to check the truck, it's cargo light was on. Being side by side (both car and truck).

As soon as I approached the front of the K, POP! and slowly idling backwards towards the street.

I saved it, as it was stopped with it's back expose to traffic.

I had to run ahead of the driver's door, open it, grab the wheel, slide in and punch for the brake!

All this happened in seconds. I shoulda done this and that.

Luckily my old self caught it in time. I am considering installing a stop bar mid way just in case.

Being old is no excuse for being forgetful.


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