RE: [Chrysler300] 1955 Intake & Exhaust Manifolds (HELP!)
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RE: [Chrysler300] 1955 Intake & Exhaust Manifolds (HELP!)


  Hey Marshall,


  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this info!  I appreciate you posting ANY cast dates you have on loose (uninstalled) intakes.    I'm sure Chrysler made them in a couple batches.  I would like to confirm if mine is an early batch…


  If anyone has access to any cast dates please share!  I'll try to get mine off of my car this weekend, now that I know where to look.





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Hi Josh,


The intake manifold casting number  is 1634285    number located center, underside of manifold.  The casting date should be nearby if it has a date.  Not all are dated and because some were sold through the parts supply system (probably to hot-rodders) there might be much later dates on some of them.   Chrysler also used the same casting for some of the high performance CHRYSLER MARINE engines in '57 and maybe '58.  Though the casting numbers are the same some machining operations were added for marine applications.

I don't have an uninstalled set of exhaust manifolds and I've not recorded any numbers.  I'll look tomorrow to see if I can see a number without removing a manifold.


I have 5 of the intakes, 2 are of the marine variation which I modified and mounted on my extra C300 engines.  I have many photos of those manifolds and illustrations of the modifications I made to make them suitable for auto use.


Let me know if you want to see some photos.


------------------Marshall Goodknight    C300   3N552650

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Subject: [Chrysler300] 1955 Intake & Exhaust Manifolds  (HELP!)
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   Hello guys,

   I'm hoping a few of you could help me out?  I'm trying to determine if my manifolds are original to my car or not.   I'm looking for two things...

   One: Where do I find the casting date on the '55 intake and exhaust manifolds?

   Two: Can anyone with matching engines share their intake and exhaust manifold casting dates and their car's approximate build date???



   Best regards, 



Posted by: "Josh " <Josh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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