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Re: [Chrysler300] Magazine Columns

From Wiki:
McCahill frequently used extreme metaphors and similes in his prose. For example, in M.I. he described the AC Cobra as "hairier than a Borneo gorilla in a raccoon suit".[citation needed] He proclaimed the ride of a 1957 Pontiac to be as "smooth as a prom queen's thighs".[citation needed] The 1957 Ford "cornered as flat as a mailman's feet" and the 1954 De Soto is "as solid as the Rock of Gibralter and just as fast."

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One of my favorites was his dog “Boji (”??).  His love for the dog was legendary.

I once saw a question in his column where a writer asked: Your love for Boji id incredible. If there was a situation where a man and Boji were both about to go over the Niagara Falls, and yiu could save only one, which would you choose?

Uncle Tom’s answer:  “The man wouldn’t like my answer, but Boji woujld>”

Mike Moore
Morgan Hill, Ca

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He called the 300F the biggest Bomb in the history of Detroit. Unlike today, in those days "Bomb" was a good thing: a big, powerful and (most importantly) fast car. 

‎He was certainly very creative in the use of similes, that's for sure. 

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He did several coast to coast runs in Imperials and/or 300's late 50's, early 60's. Don't remember him using GM or Ford products for these runs, but the magazines are long gone, so can't check. 

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About the time Uncle Tom was raving about the first Chrysler 300 letter car in 1955, he wrote and published an answer to a reader.  The reader said he had a bet that, in a cross-country race, his MG would beat a Chrysler 300.  Tom’s response was “The only way the MG could beat the 300 in a cross-country race would be in the belly of a DC-3”.  Uncle Tom spoke of the brakes on one of the cars he tested and said they would “put Granny through the windshield”.  He observed that another car had “all the aerodynamics of a sheet-iron cow shed”.  Try saying that fast.  A very creative and non-PC writer and non-conformist.  He usually drove one-handed, grasping the vent window frame while chomping on a stogie.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA now

Des Moines, IA then--Class of ‘56


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I remember the story Uncle Tom told about driving a new Imperial from NYC to Miami, and making the return trip in an MG TD(?) .

He said he had arrived at  his destination in the MG refreshed and alert, The Imperial though he said was like stepping into an airliner and was so comfortable that

he was fighting off sleep the entire trip, thus making him tired and worn out at the end of the ride. The MG though was stiff with a harsh ride and he was always wide awake.

As a young teenager without so much as a drivers license, I wondered about that, but Hey! Uncle  Tom must know.


Mike Moore

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This is information about the various magazine columnists back when.


"Gus and the Model Garage" was in Popular Science.  It featured a character named Gus Wilson who would solve some mysterious car problem through various clues.


"Smokey Says..." was a column also in Popular Science and it gave opinions expressed by Smokey Yunick.


And of course, there was good old Tom McCahill in Mechanix Illustrated.  He wrote his colorful reports of new cars and had a column, "Mail for McCahill", in which he answered readers' questions.


Don Warnaar




Posted by: Michael Moore <mmoore8425@xxxxxxx>

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