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Re: [Chrysler300] Re: F brakes locking up on way to Holland meet

Hi all:
I wrote about my harrowing experience some time ago but since the subject came up again, I will repeat it.
Around 1990, I took my '66 300 to Lynnwood, WA for a WPC show.  We stopped overnight at Grants Pass where I made the decision to lengthen the push rod in the MC to get a little better braking, so I thought.  Since we were on I-5, there was little opportunity to use my  brakes.  On up the road in Portland, as we were crossing the Columbia River, I discovered I had no brakes!!!  With the aid of downshifting and working the emergency brake, I was able to slow down and get off at the next exit where I found a nice large empty parking lot.  I  reversed what I had done the night before and immediately had my brakes back.  I was as happy as a lark knowing I did not have to search the area for a new MC!
SO, the act of lengthening the rod actually caused fluid to back up into the MC causing me to lose braking.  I do not see how lengthening the rod would cause the brakes to lock up.  I tend to agree that deteriorated rubber lines may be the cause of the lock-ups Lindsey has experienced.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Dan Reitz
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Are all four wheels locking up, or just the two rear, or one or both fronts?  How old are three rubber hoses, one between the wheel cylinder and metal brake line on each front wheel and one between metal line of body and metal lines on the rear axle housing?

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Also master cylinder rebuilt about 1000 miles ago.

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Subject: F brakes locking up on way to Holland meet

My brakes have absolutely seized up twice today, both times from about 25-30 mph. Luckily I didn't get rear ended. Seems like a booster issue as nothing binding in the pedal mechanism. First time stalled the car. Restarted and not locked. Second time I think I caught the side of pedal with my foot and it released. Both times gentle braking. The locked solid. I am in St. Paul minnesota. Anyone know of someone in the area‎ that might be able to help? Or ideas to solve the issue? 

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