[Chrysler300] 300H Power steering gearbox questions
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[Chrysler300] 300H Power steering gearbox questions

My intermittent lack of boost on my power steering on the 300H has returned. I had collected an extensive list of suggestions from this group, and others including rebuilding the pump bracket, using Gates hoses and belts, Mopar fluid, proper belt tension, new pump, testing of suspension for binding etc. 

After using Cardone’s best practice method of bleeding, it worked amazingly well and I was pleased. The last time I drove it, while parking, I lost all boost. When I left the store and got back on the road, boost gradually returned and by the time I got home, was fine again.
Rechecking what I had done, I noted that the Cardone troubleshooting for the power steering gearbox identifies a sticking power piston in the gearbox as a cause.

The one thing on my list of items which might cause the  problem is 
a sticking power piston in the control valve.Note the control valve body is not the same as the steering valve body (which affects centering of the wheels and can break an arm when setting up!), and which Cardone says to leave alone. 

I had noticed how easy it is to buy a control valve body gasket kits (somebody else must be having troubles with it!)and I acquired one a few months ago. I did not install the kit but will do it now.

1. Has anyone removed and replaced the control valve while in the car? 
Is there anything to be especially  concerned about?

2. Cardone uses the same part number (27-6546) and the notes above are titled for 1962 through 1972 Chrysler vehicles. 
Is that correct?

Thanks for any advice.  

Mike Moore


Posted by: Michael Moore <mmoore8425@xxxxxxx>

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