Re: [Chrysler300] F sway bars. Any different than rest of Chrysler model
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Re: [Chrysler300] F sway bars. Any different than rest of Chrysler models?

Did the same thing on my '65 300 to keep the original look. I assumed the riveted or bolted ones I'd seen were cars that had already had the bushings replaced in the past.

Used a spot weld cutter only as far as I had to cut to separate the joint. Replaced the bushings, clamped the band in place, welded up the plug. A little finicky grinding with a dremel tool and it looks like the factory spot weld. Lots of attention to ensuring the bushing didn't get over-heated during welding. Used a mig and it was fine. 

Actually kind of a fun process if you have the tools. You could easily get away with just using a good drill bit.

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I do not know how different the G sway bar is to the H sway bar, but I can explain how I did my H sway bars.

I bought the bushings from Jeff Carter.

With the sway bar  out of the car, I drilled out all the spot welds. Mine were held together with massive spot welds not rivets. (Rivets ought to be a lot easier.) I had huge holes from drilling.

After I got the metal parts off, I removed all the rubber bushings.I might add that I had to straighten the clamps I had drilled out and removed as I bent and twisted some as I removed 

I slid the inner bushings into place onto the bar. The holes I had to drill to remove the huge spot welds were so large that I could not use bolts to pull the parts together, so I used a lot of c clamps of various sizes. I was eventually able to get all the rubber in place, all the drilled out metal parts in place, and all the drilled out holes lines up and accessible to weld. I took that entire assembly with all the c clamps to a weld shop where they plug welded all the clamp, being careful not to burn the rubber. They did a nice job, carefully grinding the welds so they looked presentable.
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I believe there are some factory rivets that hold the bushings in.  How did you deal with that issue?  Grind them off and replace with bolt or somehow re-rivet?  The ones on my G are original and I should probably replace them at some point, but the rivets have put me off from tackling the job.
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I bought one on eBay.  Was tough to install, but it worked.
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Need a kit to replace soft parts. Thks

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