RE: [Chrysler300] washer bags
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RE: [Chrysler300] washer bags

ME 101:  Flooded suction always best.  ME 102:  Management will do anything to save a dime.  Those rules may be reversed.


When the pump was a manual one activated by stomping on a squeeze ball on the floorboard or on a piston pedal extending to an under-floorboard mechanical pump, running dry was not tragic.   Windshield washers were and are a great innovation—right up there with electric wipers.  One must be careful not to aggravate the folks in the car behind you with overspray at low speed.  Drivers of open convertibles seem to be especially sensitive to washer fluid baths.  And now one can buy a gallon of blue windshield washer fluid in CA for $1.69 guaranteed not to freeze down to +32F.  Whatever happened to 88 cents for a gallon of 50-50 methanol?  I recall older cars even having a rack in which to store a glass bottle om blue methanol with some detergent in it.


I see that black reproduction F**d bags are readily available with a bottom outlet and at a bargain price.  Additional info indicates the F**d logo info can be removed with solvent.  Seems like Jiffy Jet logo & info could then be applied by a skilled graffiti artist.  Only your hairdresser would know for sure.



Rich Barber (Living in the past some daze)

Brentwood, CA.


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The reason for the hole is probably that I have noticed the small motor seals will tear up or seize if spun dry . With hole on top that can happen. Then you get a drip at motor . Motor pump if empty might not make a vacuum to lift the water . Hole in bottom assures prime and stays wet 

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Proper bags for ’64  may be viewed at:              And, at:                    Gary Goer’s catalog indicates his bag supplier is not likely to provide a proper bag and that the suction hose to the pump may be inserted through a hole in the cap to achieve functionality, if not appearance.  Tom’s solution would look and work better.  Please note that the original has a hole in the bottom tab for a hold-down hook.  I can’t see that hook on our ’64 300K.  I had purchased a new bag from Gary and, while still empty, it became tangled up in the nearby fan and was perforated.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Find a way to hold the bag to the back of the radiator support panel, even when empty.


A reproduction bag cap with a hole is available at:        $10.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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I purchased a washer bag about a year ago from Gary Goers.  I carefully cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, in the same place as the old bag, and made a plastic fitting and stainless steel nut and washer.

 It works fine, but the hose hooks straight in to the bag, and not at an angle.

 I could make more fittings if any one is interested.




Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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