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[Chrysler300] Re: RE 300L rear quarter decal


Fern, that is a metal embossed tri color decal affixed with a weather proof adhesive to the chrome support frame. I have a company that already quoted doing these flank decals as project RP-1006, but currently the club management has decided to wait as see how the reproduction project RP-1001, the 64’s door stars sell, before we do the 65 flank decals, or the 65 door stars which is project RP-1005. We have the correct scientific color formula for the tri color, I used it to reproduce the 64 door stars. We had to pay for special tooling to strike the metal foil to achieve the proper depth, and then Mick Kreszock worked with their color lab guy to get the correct hue and sheen on the part. I would be interested in talking to your guy in regards as to how he would reproduce this item. I have had several vendors look at these projects who could make a decal of the proper size but could not do the raised embossing, or offer a UV stable exterior product. I am always looking at more cost effective options for the club.  


Jamie Hyde

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Posted by: Jamie Hyde <Jamie.Hyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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