Re: [Chrysler300] Gas Gauge Problems / my 57
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Re: [Chrysler300] Gas Gauge Problems / my 57

I am in the same boat :  (

plus I busted 5 speed o meter cables : (  my phone is now my speed o meter

Bill Leahy in Kennewick, Washington 

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On Jun 2, 2016, at 12:19 PM, "John Holst jholst@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Someone recently mentioned having problems with a dead Gas Gauge. I
have also been working for a solution to the same problem and here is
a brief summary of what I found.

Gas gauge stopped working and was resting on empty even with a full
tank. 5 years ago had changed the sending unit and figured this was
the problem again. Ohm test on the old unit and the new were the
same. Then figured that the gauge was now faulty so sent it out to JC
Auto and had it rebuilt to the new digital version. Rebuilt the
instrument cluster with a new gauge and still nothing. Checked out
the two spare clusters on the work bench and found that one was
corroded at the pin connector and after cleaning seemed to work
correctly. Did the same to the cluster in the car and still nothing.
Tried testing the new sending unit by shorting to the car wiring and
it worked at both the plug connection along the door sill and by
bypassing the old unit at the gas tank Worked fine. Still nothing at
the gauge when reconnected. have had the cluster out at lest four
times and the wiring checked at the sill plug three times. Each check
is a project in itself. Finally after giving up I left the car at the
dealer and asked that they try to sort it out. The went thru the same
tests and finally determined that the small connector at the sending
unit was worn out (52 years old) and did not pass thru the connection
to the Lite blue wire. By plugging in the wire with an alligator clip
did not show this and I had missed it when checking the new sending
unit. $1.00 for a new connector and labor charge and everything works
as it should. The devil is in the details and misleading test
results have led me astray all winter. Just food for thought when
working on this problem, and leads credence to the sentence in one
of MOPAR blogs that everyone driving one of the cars always carries a
couple of gallons of extra fuel since they are never sure what the
gauge is actually showing. Thanks for listening.

John Holst...


Posted by: William Leahy <bleahy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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