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Re: [Chrysler300] 300G

Hey Group:
    What is a "Factory code 281?"  Aside from the rest of the garbage in the description, does that 281 actually signify anything of importance.  As far as the rest of it goes, I guess we can all agree that, unless someone is nuts, $500,000 was NOT put into that car, and we can all bet that it ain't going to get to 150mph, even with a really big tail wind. 
    I agree with Ron, however, that someone should contact Barrett-Jackson and ask that the reference to club certification of any type be removed.
Pete Fitch 
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The thing that bothers me is the statement that it's been Certified by Chrysler 300 Club International. Unless it has, then this not only is misrepresentation, but also smears the club as certifying a non-original car. I think someone from the club should call BJ and ask that the statement be removed.
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It doesn’t even have short rams, and they are touting the top speed as “150 plus”. No one in there right mind would spend 1/2 million on a restoration of a car that’s not worth a fraction of that.


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