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Re: [Chrysler300] RE: coil springs

Hi all , 
I do have a set of what we think are service part 55 front springs  , not sure how or why , but my good helper Ed Cornish pointed this out . At one time many years ago  I owned a 55 but decided not to restore it , staying instead with 57 up . ( lots of work in those early guys) . I may have bought these springs then . 
I would like to sell them . Could you make an offer ? I belive they are replacement springs , can find out more if anything in with them . I do not belive they are used .
John grady 

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You have a great memory.  I'm not sure from that long ago which one I would have referred you to, but there were two companies that made car springs in the SF Bay Area.


The first one I came across was in about 1982.  They were in Concord California, and I remember the owner's name was Dave Pflum, or very close to that.  He had a small industrial building with a big machine that made coil springs, I came across him by accident when I was in the area for some reason, and he showed me how it worked and explained the whole process.  Evidently he had somewhat recently acquired the machine and was looking for new business.  I seem to remember that I posted something in the 300 newsletter about it, which is where you probably got the info and called me.  I do remember he began to run ads in Hemmings or Old Cars Weekly, after I had met him.  I don't believe he is in business anymore but may have just moved to a different location.


Now, the second manufacturer, Betts Spring, of San Leandro CA., has been in business a very long time, and continues to manufacture leaf and coil springs.  They cater mostly to truck spring applications, but will custom make car springs.  I had them make new rear leaf springs for my 300G back around 1981-83, and they built them to the 300G spring spec, and I seem to recall they had the original specification drawing for the 300G leaf spring, they were also slightly different left and right.


Our Club has access to Eaton Spring (I think) and may have a source there for the early 300s.  Perhaps someone in the know can comment on that source.


Bob Jasinski

Danville CA.


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Close to 30 years ago I did order two sets of new (correct) coil springs for our C300 and 300B.  Club member Bob Jasinski provided me a contact and as I recall they were located in the San Francisco area.  


After such a long time I can't remember the name but possibly Bob can so I'm including him on this post.  Bob, when you reply please include me.


One other note that I remember is that the springs were marked driver and passenger and they were different.  I suspect the driver's side was a bit stiffer due to the driver's position.


Hope this will be of some assistance,


John Lazenby


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Subject: coil springs

Hi John,

We probably need new coil springs on our 55.  I have contacted Andy Bernbaum and Chris said they don’t know what springs were used for the 55 C300 because none of their books show specifics for a 300 spring in 55.  Eaton Detroit springs say the springs are not being made any more.  ESPO Springs N Things say they have nothing as heavy as I want (800lbs/in.)  Both Bernbaum and ESPO say “they probably didn’t make enough cars to make the extra coil springs."

So, once again we come to you, John, Help!  Where do we get replacement coil springs?  Our spring guy says he has a place in CA he uses but it will take time to get them made.  We can get leaf springs and the shocks all the way around but I have run out of places to call for the coil springs.

Thanks John.  Glad you’re around so I can tap your brain.

Sharon Gerber



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