RE: [Chrysler300] 61G trunk "300" emblem
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RE: [Chrysler300] 61G trunk "300" emblem



I believe you are referring the 3-0-0 chrome plated numerals affixed to some 300Gs on the lower left corner of the trunk lid.    They are individual numbers the same as those found on the side medallions.  Gary Goers reproduced these, and I don't know if he still has them or not.  There's been discussion on and off over the years about these, some 300Gs had them and some didn't. In my research, and I know Andy Mikonis has also looked in to these, they didn't begin to be installed until about November/early December of' '60.  Which is strange because they are shown on the 300G brochure.


Bob J


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Couldn't find a part number in the service manual. Mine looks terrible and would like to find one to either have redone or ideally, a NOS/rechrome one. Anyone able to help? This is the emblem on the bottom left rear of trunk.



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