Re: [Chrysler300] How many 300G 400HP built?
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Re: [Chrysler300] How many 300G 400HP built?

It appears the 400hp 300G build was handled in a similar way to the 400hp 300Fs. The build card was not quite complete - there was still the shipping date. So if these cars spent extra time in “Header House” or whatever, we can infer that from an unusually long spread from the schedule date to the shipping date.
The 281 code refers to the new-for-1961 Chrysler A-745 heavy duty 3-speed manual transmission, NOT to the 400hp package. The A-745 is the transmission for the “300G with Power Pack” (400hp) as detailed in the AMA Specifications.

The A-745 was also an option on 375hp 300Gs. To complicate matters, not all legitimate 3-speed manual Gs show the 281 code on the microfilm.
I do not believe anyone has an accurate exact number for manual transmission Gs produced. We can extrapolate from the 1961 Daytona Beach Flying Mile results that four 400hp 300Gs existed and ran there. I have seen one of these cars in person. I am not aware of any more than that to have been built or any more to have survived. 

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I'm going to reply to my own thread to keep this together.  I just looked back in my archived emails on the conversation about the 300F Specials and found this from John Lazenby on3/2/16 :


"To my knowledge it would not show up as anything unique as the call for a car came after completion and I suspect the microfilm was already completed.   I'm sure if that was not the case Gil would have commented on this year before and I know that when he, Wayne and I have had in person discussions there was no such evidence.   It would be the luck of the draw if a car was sent to Header House to become one of the "Special" ones". 


So, it would be reasonable to think that the 300G 400HP would have been handled the same way, but according to Wikipedia, there was a special build code 281 for 300G 400HP cars and they all got the 3 speed manual transmissions and it states that 5 were built with that code.  Is the Club aware of any existing, or if any were actually built?  I couldn't find any in an older cross reference 300 Inc Club roster.


Bob J


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I doing research on the 300G 400.H.P. option. I have not found, or can recall, ever hearing a specific unit number built for these cars.  Also, what transmissions did they have?


Bob J

300G convert with 375HP engine



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