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RE: [Chrysler300] Leno's Garage 300G video



Thank you for the comments on the video.  First off, it was not scripted, not at all, but I did do quite a bit of studying over the 4th of July weekend to clear up some areas of earlier history I was weak on.  Jay is a very knowledgeable person, and did quite a bit of research before he bought his G and also owns a 300D, one of the fuel injection cars, now carbureted.  Yes, I meant to say Hydramatic but misspoke and said Hydraglide as the first fully automatic trans, I also said the car length to be 229 inches and meant to say 219 inches, I knew the right length, I just slipped up.   Now, on the Imperials, in doing my research prior to the video, I was surprised to find out that seven (7) Crown Imperial Ghia limousines were built in 1959 and they all still retained the 392, 325 HP hemi, one of which was made for the Queen of England.  I should have mentioned it, but things moved along quickly and that point got left out.  My reference for this is the book "70 Years of Chrysler" by George Dammann, and read it online as well, I do know standard production Imperials got the 413.   Putting this together with Jay made me proud of our two 300 clubs and our mission. I was honored to be able to contribute, and am grateful to the club founders and club contributors that have compiled and researched the information over the years that we have available to us now.  We all owe them our gratitude.




Bob Jasinski

Danville CA.



Posted by: "Bob Jasinski" <rpjasin@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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