Re: [Chrysler300] HELP! Can't drop oil pan on '57 300C!
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Re: [Chrysler300] HELP! Can't drop oil pan on '57 300C!

I'm not experienced with this era of brute but wonder what the hang-up is lifting the engine an inch or so? Even removing an engine isn't an enormous amount of work, an inch or two should be easy, especially for a competent shop. Unbolt the mounts, check for potential clearance issues and lift, or jack. It would probably be safest to put the car low and just lift with an engine hoist.


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I sure hope someone can help with my most recent problem! We need to
replace a leaking front seal on the oil pan, but can't seem to wiggle
the oil pan out from under the engine, in spite of removing all the
suspension bits in the way! Not enough downward clearance to the
crossmember at the front, and can't move pan back much before it hits
the transmission.

The oil pan was installed with new gaskets while the engine was in the
car (just like now), but the transmission was out for rebuild, so no
clearance problems - although the crankshaft had to be turned back and
forth several ways in order for a big counterweight at the front to move
out of the way -- lots of fiddling, even back then. But now with tranny
in place, it looks like there's no way. The shop is thinking they might
have to try to lift the engine up by nearly an inch to create the
necessary clearance. That sounds totally bizarre, and an enormous
amount of work!

This just doesn't sound right! What could we be doing wrong? Any magic
hints from anyone out there with personal experience?

Ray Melton

Las Cruces, New Mexico

1957 Chrysler 300C Cvt


Posted by: Ryan Hill <ryan_hillc300@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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