[Chrysler300] Holding up F&R
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[Chrysler300] Holding up F&R

Diff’s:  The good book (’55 Chrysler Service Manual) shows 8.25” in Windsor’s, except T&C wagons, 8.75” in NY, 300, Imp, Windsor T&C wagons; and 9.62” in Crown Imp, only.


Brakes:  Windsor’s, NY’s, 300’s & Imperials all had 12” drums with 2” wide shoes.  All these had 1 1/8” bore wheel cylinders but MC bore varied.  Crown Imps had disc brakes F&R.


If beneficial to racing and acceptable under NASCAR rules, Carl might have used Crown Imp rear axles but I don’t recall this being the case in ’55-‘56.  I do recall reading that he used Crown Imp brakes on his earlier Pan-American race Saratoga’s and Lincoln front spindles/knuckles on the ’55-’56 cars as the Lincolns were stronger.  It looks like the front discs would bolt right on but require wheels with a larger bolt circle.  I also read that braking was not a high priority as was only really needed in track emergencies, pit stops and at the end after the victory lap. 


In the front suspension, everything looks about the same across the board except Imp, Crown Imp and all wagons have a little beefier lower control arm connections (0.12”/0.20” longer pivot bars & lower outer pins).  These were not shared on the C-300 although the C-300 springs and shocks were stiffer.  An astute and competitive crew chief would have known these small differences and acted accordingly.  I doubt tech inspection would have checked or cared.  I believe the cars were allowed a lot of freedom of wheel and tire size and even multiple shocks.


BTW, the Crown Imps and C-300’s both had 7-leaf rear springs.



Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Interesting stuff Rich/ Ron . When did the 8 3/4 start up? Great axle design. And kept getting better. The race 55 or 56 used Imperial stuff I think. Or some did…or did 300 come with it, kind of implied here?  I thought it was the Imperial wheels they were after, 5 on 5 or 5.5? stronger. I did not know the axle ring gear was bigger too, if used?


I never understood how the Dana “build it all inside “ design won,  like Dana 44, or 60, over the 9” Ford (‘ or 8 ¾ Mopar ) removable ‘Chuck” ; Just seems like a way better way to do that, let alone the Dana “spreaders” ?  Early Olds was supposed to be very good too ,although I know nothing about them. Rumor in early fifties was same as GMC truck


Are 9 5/8 of Chrysler mfg, or third party? 8.25 is marginal in  a big car, imho. Any relationship to later slant six 8.25 ? (My 67 Dart has that) . 9.25 in later Chrysler pick up  trucks kind of a dog, home of the dodge clunk. AMC 20 even worse. (now a dana #, in JEEPS ) ; side hearings die at 125k.


Seals generally are standard mechanical part items, best place to go is seal co , with the number stamped right on it ; most have interchange list. I am partial to SKF,  class outfit, re : data on line. National Seal too


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My recollection is that there are two different pinion shaft diameters


The ’55-’58 Parts Manual shows the parts numbers below for the front oil (pinion shaft) seals.  The pinion shafts get progressively larger and the tightening torque on the flange nut is 240 ft-lbf for the 8.25” gear set vs 250 ft-lbf for the 8 ¾” & 9 5/8” gear sets.  It might be helpful to the parts-person to indicate the seal for your 300 is also the same one for a NY, Imperial or a wagon.


663602:  ’55-56 Windsor, except Estate Wagon or ’56 with Power Package (4-bbl?) 8 ¼” ring gear

1404504:  ’55-’56 Windsor wagon, NY, C-300 & Imperial, ’56 Windsor with Power Package (4-bbl?)  8 ¾” ring gear

587541: ’55 Crown Imperial (with 9 5/8” ring gear).  Who knew?  Truck diff?


Axle seals are the same across the board for Chrysler sedans with different seals for wagons and Imperials.  Thicker axles?


Application data is complete for ’55-56 but some is missing for ’57-58 in this October ’57 manual update.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Something that has helped me in the past is being able to provide the original Chrysler part number. Advance Auto, NAPA, etc has been able to plug in that number and cross reference it to currently available parts.



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Hello Everyone,

The rear pinion seal took a crap on my 55, so I took the easy way out and ordered the “correct” seal from Rock Auto.  Turns out it’s not the right part and other online stores like Advance and Auto Zone also sell the same wrong seal (#7216).  The seal had a number of 6845 and the mechanic I had do it couldn’t get that from anyone.  I called NAPA and they had nothing listed for a 55 300 at all, but they did end up ordering the seal for a 55 Imperial and low and behold it’s the correct seal #21336.  The good news is that the mechanic charged me $100 out the door.  My Dad thought that was pricey, but he wasn’t the one that was going to be doing the work…  Just sharing in case lightning strikes twice. 

Hopefully I will see some of you at Carlisle next week.  My Dad and I will be on the show field.


Jonathan Peabody

VCA Animal Hospitals

Regional Operations Director MA02

Cell 412-951-0445

eFax 310-979-2435




Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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