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Re: [Chrysler300] Jay Leno's Garage You Tube Video of 300G with Bob Jasinski


I echo Rob's sentiments. Bob's prep on the subject matter and poise with its delivery with Jay in an "on the fly"environment were extraordinary and represented both Clubs in a way that I believe may (hopefully) engender more interest in the Letter Series and our two Clubs by more recent generations (let's face it, we boomers are getting up there and most of us won't be around 20 years from now, sad to say).

We all feel the passion for the influence that  Virgil Exner‎ and Bob Rodger exercised at Chrysler in the 50's and early 60's  and it was great to hear Bob articulate that with Jay and weave their respective influences on the Letter Cars and with Chrysler overall during that watershed period.

"Ex" and Bob Rodger are smiling somewhere, ‎no doubt :-)

Huzzah, Bob J!


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Hello 300’ly to all!
    Kudos to Bob Jasinski for the ultimate 300 guy You Tube interview with Jay Leno and Jay’s Black 300G hardtop.  It was a fabulous production and spoke volumes for the Letter Cars, 300s and our Club.  Bob and Jay hit it off greatly and the G was marvelous.  I loved it!  I had been waiting for months to see when this car would be featured and felt pride in always seeing it parked in the background from the main featured vehicle of Jay Leno’s You Tube weekly Sunday presentation.  To Bob... BRAVO ZULU or BZ in Navy parlance...meaning WELL DONE!!!  Rob Kern


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