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Re: [Chrysler300] 1955 Chrysler Door Glass


I can't answer your question but was aware there was a change.  Beyond that many more changes during the '55 run like the dash pad with the short or long upright arms.

If you are not aware of what I'm speaking about the early examples had the short upright and the dash pad could not be removed from inside the car.  So to remove the pad correctly you had to remove the wiper mounts from the outside trim, remove the glass completely and take the pad out through the front.

Somewhere along the line I guess engineering figured out that if the pad were made a bit more narrow and they used the long uprights to cover the opening the pad would slide out easily from inside the car.  This carried over to the '56 cars but the wiper mount position was changed further out on the cowl not to have any contact with the stainless trim around the glass.  Our C300 3N551881 built April 13 has the short version but our T&C wagon and our former Imperial Newport had the long versions.

Recently I watched a Chrysler preview of the 1955 cars on YouTube and it covered everything except the C300 and T&C wagons.  On watching this I noted two things I've not see before.  There was a seam in the tunnel carpet fore and aft in those cars AND the dash pad had a stitch right down the middle running fore and aft.  I've wanted to go back and watch this again and really study it again as I'm sure there is more to learn.

John Lazenby

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Does anyone know when (what date) Chrysler switched from 15 5/8" door glass to 14 3/8" door glass for their 2dr models ? This would be for 1955 models.


Posted by: John Lazenby <french_fryguy@xxxxxxxxx>

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