RE: [Chrysler300] ....and now for a discussion or wheel bearing races
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RE: [Chrysler300] ....and now for a discussion or wheel bearing races

I doubt that any bearing race could get more than a few ten thousandths of an inch clearance before really bad things started happening, things that would be noticeable while driving.  Given the junk I've driven over the years I have experienced oversized wheel bearing races, usually heat and noise eventually make themselves known.  I interpreted this problem as being evidence of the race moving on the spindle.  If it had been spinning on the spindle I think there would be blue marks and the need for a new spindle.  I doubt that any difference could be felt once the race was locked down if it was one or two ten thousandths off center.  Tapered wheel bearings need several thousandths of clearance in order to work anyway. 

I have used both the punch and the Loctite  methods to anchor front wheel bearing races, mostly inner races but also some outer races.  Both work, believe it or not.  The punch method works once, then needs more punch marks when the bearings are changed or relubed.  Heat is your friend using the Loctite, it will loosen its grip with moderate heat and a few taps.  Absolutely no grease or other contaminate when using it or it won't do its job.  I've seen similar products used industrially when replacement parts were not available.  Now, I'm not saying these methods equal new factory, but they suffice pretty darned well when needed.

New drums and parts are not easy nor cheap to come by, it at all, for many or our old cars, which is why I've been making do for years.  If there is a source I'd love to know about it.

Bill Huff

At 03:36 PM 7/20/2016, you wrote:

I tend to agree with comment, however Loctite anaerobic bearing mount is made for this, is very good stuff. It was  once used in a factory I was involved with to take up manufacturing clearances,  make assembly process of close fits easier. I do not recall temp range , might not be suitable or there might be different temp range products .Would make bearing one with hub but that is probably ok , both go to dumpster next time.


Maybe check their site, see if you feel ok.


Not a â??do itâ?? recommendation, just information for you.


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I would be looking for a new hub.  There is really no way  to re-center the race once it has spun.  The JB Weld and Permatex bearing mount/ sleeve retainer will â??seatâ?? the race in the bore, but itâ??s not going to hold up under the weight, heat,  and torsional stresses the wheel and hub go through.  Itâ??s a lot like using a punch to â??stakeâ?? a bad bearing bore to take up the slack.  


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I just had my C300 front drums turned. The machinist noted that one inner and another outer race can be rotated in the hub by hand. I drove the car 2.000 miles last year with no problem ? lucky?

The bearings are only a few years old so I really ddonâ??t want to start over by looking for new(er) drums or hubs and new bearings again etc.

Anybody have any experience setting races in JB Weld or similar?.



Jack Boyle
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Posted by: William Huff <czbill@xxxxxxxxxx>

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