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Re: [Chrysler300] Seat for a 1960

In '59 they modified the design such that the special trough was not necessary. I assume '60 on up as well. They wouldn't have gone back to that ridiculous design
Must've been a pain building 57-8 cars and having to verify if the car had the special floorboard or not.
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Could have been the '57-59 floors that were different. I did both cars. '60 sits higher‎ but I think might have put a bit firmer padding in also.

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Seems to that Mike Burke had these troughs made and sold them through the club.
He may have some still available, if my old mind is semi-correct.
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I have two 57 300's, one with a power seat and one without. There is a significant difference in the floors. The standard non-power seat floor is essentially "Flat". The power seat cars floor has troughs that lower the seat mechanisms where it bolts to the floor for support. This enables the seat to be low enough in the car to start, and then have the full range of motion that the power seat gives you. The recess in the floor as I recall is rectangular shape about an inch or so deep. It is required if you enjoy sitting low in the car, if you try and not modify the floor, and use the power seat. It's like your sitting on a "High chair" and hitting the headliner with your head. If your short, then no problem. I would recommend adding these troughs tall or short. Just to maintain proper ride height at the steering wheel. Somebody must make these or get sections of a stock parts car floor. Good luck either way. 
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In my experience (limited) the factory power seat cars had a lower stamping in the floor to allow for the extra height of the power seat. My F was manual and I put a power mechanism in. Works fine, just have to watch your head getting in, depending on how u have the seat positioned. I like sitting a bit higher, vs my E.

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Subject: [Chrysler300] Seat for a 1960

I have a friend who is restoring a 1960 NY 4 door.  It has a manual bench front seat and he would like to make it a power front seat.

Other than wiring, what other issues would he encounter in making the switch?

Also does anyone have a power seat that would work in the New Yorker?


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