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RE: [Chrysler300] Ammeter



If the ammeter is operating properly, this needle position indicates power/current is coming from the battery to some load that is not switched—such as the breaker that feeds the power seats and/or windows.  Disconnect the battery and observe the needle position.  If the needle does not recenter, the ammeter must be mechanically damaged—perhaps by a dead short while the engine was off.  Whether or not it does recenter, observe to see if you get a spark at the battery terminal when you reconnect it.  That would indicate you have a short or accidentally-connected load—possibly in a power seat or power window circuit.  You might see a tiny spark as the clock takes a little juice to rewind.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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I would think the default or even fail position of  the ammeter would be right in the middle, with no ability to move left or right to show charge or discharge.  Sounds like a major mechanical fail for something to pull it all the way to one side.


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Hello All,

I took my 300F in to my mechanic to get some repairs.  When I got the car back, I noticed that the ammeter was not working.  The needle is positioned all the way to the left (discharge) side and does not move no matter what position the ignition is in or whether or not the motor is running.  All I had done to the car was to repair the windshield washer system, new exhaust manifold and intake manifold gaskets and to try to get the heater vent to open and close when necessary.
I had JC Auto Restoration restore the gauge cluster a couple of years ago and everything has worked fine up until now.
Could the gauge have gone bad?  Is there anything else that I should check for before removing the gauge?

Thank you,

Fred Grossi
Arroyo Grande, CA




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