Re: [Chrysler300] How do I get my VIN number
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Re: [Chrysler300] How do I get my VIN number

VIN's in 1964 had limited information unlike VIN's on later cars.  

First digit 8 = Chrysler
Second digit 4 = 300K
Third digit 4 = 1964
Fourth digit 3 = Jefferson Street, Detroit assembly plant
The remaining digits, 142500 indicates this was the 42,500th car ordered for assembly in that assembly plant.

Additional information is included on the Body Data Plate inside the front door below the windshield trim.  Sent a picture of that plate to me and I can interpret that for you.  The most complete list of options and accessories in printed on the Track Sheet.  A copy of the Track Sheet MAY still be present in the springs of the rear seat, either on the seat bottom of seat back.  I can interpret that as well, if you can find it and sent a picture to me.

Chris the K MANIAC

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I want to get my VIN number interpreted, 1964 300K 8443142500?

Thanks new owner.


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